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Chemical Industry

Purified water is required in a wide range of chemical production applications due to varying degrees of purity for different purposes. While routine processes such as CIP may require a relatively low level of purification, for other applications, including analytical experiments and testing in the laboratory, it is absolutely critical that the highest level of water purity is achieved, often using highly advanced water treatment technology. Water is perhaps the most widely available raw material in chemical manufacturing, used in product development, testing and analysis, product preparation, cleaning of production machinery and, in vapor form, sterilization of tools/equipment or glassware.

Given the type of raw water source, water from a water main, borehole or groundwater source cannot be used in its raw form as it could potentially contain a wide range of contaminants that could affect the quality, consistency or even safety of the final product. The successful production of high value and high quality chemical products depends on the quality and consistency of the raw materials. Since water is the most important raw material used in the chemical industry, it directly affects the production process. Considering the pollutants that natural water resources may contain due to the increasing population; the quality of the raw water source is only possible with advanced technological treatment technologies.

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