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Greenhouse Water Treatment

Greenhouse water treatment systems are systems used to improve the quality of water used in greenhouses. These systems remove contaminants and salts in the water and provide clean and high quality water necessary for the healthy growth of plants.

Greenhouse water treatment systems usually consist of the following stages: Mechanical Filtration: At this stage, large particles and sediments in the water are filtered out, resulting in clear water. Chemical Filtration: At this stage, microbes, bacteria and viruses in the water are destroyed using chemicals. Ion Exchange Filtration: At this stage, salt and minerals in the water are removed using ion exchange resins. Greenhouse water treatment systems have prices that vary according to the technology and capacity used.

The benefits of greenhouse water treatment systems are as follows:

  • Ensures healthy growth of plants. Clean and high quality water ensures that plants get the nutrients they need better and grow healthier.
  • Improves the quality of the product. Clean and high quality water makes the product tastier and healthier.
  • Prevents plant diseases. Dirty and salty water can cause plant diseases. Greenhouse water treatment systems increase yield by preventing plant diseases.
  • Saves water. Clean and high quality water saves water by ensuring that the plant is irrigated as much as it needs.

Greenhouse water treatment systems are an important investment to increase the quality and yield of products grown in greenhouses.

Some types of greenhouse water treatment systems are as follows:

  • Low cost systems: These systems usually include a single filter stage and can use either mechanical filtration, chemical filtration or ion exchange filtration.
  • Medium cost systems: These systems usually include two or three filter stages and combine mechanical filtration, chemical filtration and ion exchange filtration.
  • High cost systems: These systems often use advanced technology and filtering methods.

When choosing a greenhouse water treatment system, the size of the greenhouse, the quality of the water source used and the budget should be taken into account.


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