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Water Treatment

Waterland is a leader in providing water treatment plants for the diverse needs of industries. With +16 years of experience in designing, building and managing the construction of water treatment projects, we create and implement custom or standardized industrial water treatment solutions.

Waterland water treatment technologies have a proven track record of providing innovative and successfully installed water treatment plants for various industries. Water treatment involves the removal of impurities such as sand, suspended solids, dissolved salts, ions, hardness from natural water bodies for use in industries and households. Due to the stringent pollution and specific water quality requirements for industries, it is necessary to treat water from various sources for further use.

With the increasing human population and industrialization, the problems of faster consumption and more pollution of water resources have come to the agenda. In this case, water treatment technologies are needed for both humanity and nature.

More efficient technologies have started to be designed by taking as an example treatment methods that already occur spontaneously in nature, such as filtration. Water Treatment, is used to make water suitable for its intended use. Any process that improves the quality of water can be called purification.

Treatment methods mechanical, physical, chemical and biological They are separated from each other as methods. With these methods, unwanted substances and pollutants in the water are separated from the water and the water is made ready for end-use. End-use purposes can be classified as drinking, irrigation, industrial water needs, recreational use, etc. According to these, the need for treatment increases or decreases. Likewise, this requirement may also vary according to the water source.


Water Treatment
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