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Waste Water Treatment

Waterland is a leader in providing water treatment plants for the diverse needs of industries. With +16 years of experience in designing, building and managing the construction of water treatment projects, we create and implement custom or standardized industrial water treatment solutions.

Waterland water treatment technologies have a proven track record of providing innovative and successfully installed water treatment plants for various industries. Water treatment involves the removal of impurities such as sand, suspended solids, dissolved salts, ions, hardness from natural water bodies for use in industries and households. Due to the stringent pollution and specific water quality requirements for industries, it is necessary to treat water from various sources for further use.

Waste Water Treatment; is the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater to make it suitable for reuse or discharge to nature. Treatment is usually achieved by biological processes such as aeration, activated sludge systems, membrane bioreactors or slow sand filtration. The flowsheet generally starts with sedimentation, where water and solids are separated, followed by solidification of the dissolved matter as biological flocs, and ends with final sedimentation to obtain water of the desired purity. With the right treatment, it is of course possible to make the vast majority of industrial water available for reuse.

Waste water treatment processes are as follows:

PRE-TREATMENTScreens, Grit Interceptor, Oil and Grease Interceptor, Pre-settling Pond
SECONDARY TREATMENTActivated Sludge Processes, Aerated Lagoons, Aerobic Digestion, Trickling Filters, Rotating Biodiscs, Packed Bed Reactors, Final Settling Pond

Sludge as a result of treatment can be disposed of by a number of methods; it can be subjected to thickening, stabilization, conditioning, disinfection and dewatering, thermal drying, thermal reduction methods. After these, there are alternatives for final disposal such as distribution and marketing, chemical stabilization, landfilling and deposition in lagoons.


Waste Water
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