We Have Provided More than 350 Turnkey Installations in More than 25 Countries

We Have Provided More than 350 Turnkey Installations in More than 25 Countries

Can we get information about the services you have been providing for many years in the field of water treatment and environmental technologies? What would you like to say about the position and future of the reverse osmosis system in our country?

When water treatment and environmental technologies are mentioned, the supply of drinking water as we know it often comes to mind. However, I would like to point out that this sector is more complicated and diverse than it seems; In addition to drinking and utility water, it also covers many areas such as industrial process water supply, purification of domestic and industrial wastewater and designing recovery facilities for reuse. Uncontrolled increase in the world population, ecological imbalances, global warming and unconscious pollution of water resources have significantly limited our clean water resources. For this reason, this sector will become much more important in the coming years than it is today.

As for Waterland, I can say that it has 20 years of experience behind it.

I developed my career journey, which started in the pump industry, in various areas of the industry over the years, and with the experiences I gained, I took the steps to establish Waterland in 2007. While growing Waterland, we always respond to the needs we observe about the water treatment sector in Turkey with the question "How can we do better?" We approached with the question. The biggest deficiency I observed in our country was the technical inadequacy, and by strengthening this pillar, we brought Waterland to its current strong position. We not only designed the purification systems but also manufactured them. Especially in the food and beverage industry; We have become a solution partner in providing process water resources to many industrial organizations such as textile, automotive, energy, printing and glass industries that require more precise processes and water quality. We have installed seawater purification systems in many countries that have a shortage of clean water resources. In addition, we protected our clean water resources and reduced our customers' production costs with domestic and industrial wastewater treatment and recovery systems. Waterland's years-long success lies in its creative thinking, openness to innovations and solution-oriented thinking style. So far, from Sri Lanka to Mexico; We have undertaken more than 350 successful projects in more than 25 countries, from Japan to Australia, and we continue to do so.

As you know, every water is unique in terms of the minerals and amounts it contains. The characteristics of the water you get from one point of any river may be completely different from the water you get from 5 meters away. Reverse osmosis is actually a very important work of developing technology at this point. It can perfectly purify even sea water with very high concentrations. It purifies the water by changing its chemistry. Its use is widespread in our country at this stage, it is possible to see this system in almost every industry. In the past, people had a perception that the reverse osmosis system was very expensive, but with the development of technology day by day, I can say that reverse osmosis and membrane technologies will continue to exist both today and in the future.

Can we get information about the place of your products in the beverage industry and your market share? How do you evaluate the future of the beverage industry? What are your future investment projects?

One of the most important features that makes Waterland strong in this sector is that it approaches every project with the same sensitivity and can provide boutique solutions. As I mentioned in your previous question, each water source is different and unique. Even if you evaluate the correct treatment stages, you may not be able to approach the desired water parameters. Boutique design actually gains meaning here. You may need to design separate projects to address any challenging contaminants, impurities and salinity that may be present in the water. For this reason, we design quality, modern and, when necessary, boutique treatment facilities that comply with the standards set in the food and beverage industry, which seeks professional and hygienic conditions. We follow technology and agenda closely in order to be a reliable solution partner for companies in the beverage industry.

Since we also represent the manufacturing side of this sector, we attach great importance to R&D studies. Our future investment projects are shaped based on the information we obtain in R&D. For example, the Smart RO L Smart Reverse Osmosis System that we have recently introduced to the market is seriously promising. This system, which has all its equipment brought together in its own chassis, provides ease of installation and operation with smart warning systems and monitoring from a mobile phone. It offers you instant data, takes up very little space and looks really stylish.

Can we get information about the countries you serve outside Turkey and your new term goals? Can we get information about the business development projects you carried out with Pakistan last year?

As I mentioned before, we have provided turnkey installation in more than 350 successful projects in more than 25 countries. Except Türkiye; We continue to provide services in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Japan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Libya, Jordan, Ghana and Ethiopia. As you know, Pakistan is one of the countries that suffer from serious problems in terms of clean water resources. The textile sector constitutes a large part of industrial production. We continue to carry out our wastewater treatment and recycling projects in the textile sector. We are also interested in ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) and ZHCD (Zero Hazardous Chemical Discharge) systems.


What will you say about your marketing strategy and what it brings to you? Can we get information about your dealership system and its operation? What conditions are required to become a Waterland dealer, what are your criteria?
Waterland owes its becoming a brand to its wide communication network on channels addressing the business world and the water treatment industry, such as LinkedIn, Directindustry, The Water Network. So far, we have not needed a specific marketing strategy because our customers have reached us on their own, thanks to our signature behind successful projects. As you already know, the best marketing is when people recommend a brand to each other based on customer satisfaction. For this reason, our reference network is the basis of our marketing strategy.

As we have references in many areas of the world, our dealer network has expanded over time. Whether we have a dealership or not, various companies have requested dealership from us in more than 20 fairs we have attended abroad and continue to do so. When choosing its dealers, Waterland pays attention to the fact that they are experienced and experts in the water treatment and wastewater treatment sectors. Our primary expectation from our dealers is to have an existing technical service team and to provide quality and reliable service. As a result of our intense efforts, we attach great importance to our dealers representing us correctly.


Can we get information about the quality documents you have and your quality policy? 
Waterland; With its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, it certifies the importance it attaches to occupational safety, quality and the environment and that it manufactures by fulfilling these standards.


How did the pandemic process affect your services? Can you evaluate 2020 in sectoral terms? What are your expectations for 2021?
2020 was a very difficult year for all of us. As humanity, we have encountered a number of sad problems for which we were not prepared at all. I can say that, like everything else in the world, the water treatment and environmental technologies sector was negatively affected by this pandemic. However, Waterland continued to provide service without slowing down in line with the demands of its customers. As in previous years, we carried out successful projects in 2020. Like every other company, we took care of the health of our employees and continued to work from home for a while. We are currently continuing our normal working lives. We pay maximum attention to hygiene conditions, regularly disinfect our office and use air purification devices that are .98 effective against Covid-19. Although strong companies like us recover easily, things are not as easy as it seems for small-scale businesses. For this reason, our biggest expectation from 2021 is that this pandemic will end as soon as possible and we can continue our normal lives where we left off.

Thank you very much for the information you provided.