DrinkTech Interview - Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies provides service with its strong service network

DrinkTech Interview-Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies provides service with a strong service network.

“We think that exports will increase by 2018 and the sector will gradually grow. "We aim to focus on R&D studies in 2018 and offer more economical and solution-oriented projects in the sector," said Waterland Su Arıtma ve Çevre Teknolojileri Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Ltd. “We had a pleasant conversation with General Manager Özkan AKSOY.”

You are a company founded in 2007, with a great deal of industry experience. How did you decide to serve in the field of water treatment and environmental technologies? Can we get information about your services and work in this field?
Hello. I am Özkan Aksoy, General Manager and Founding Partner of Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies. After my business life started in the pump industry, I started working as the Technical Manager of an Italian water treatment company. During my experience, I observed the deficiencies and needs in the water treatment sector in Turkey and took the step of establishing Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies company in 2007. The biggest deficiency I observed in the sector was the technical inadequacy, and by strengthening this pillar, we brought Waterland to where it is today. We design and manufacture process water preparation, wastewater treatment and wastewater recovery projects in industries that require sensitive process water, such as the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, textiles, iron and steel, automotive, printing and glass industries.

Can we get information about the place of the reverse osmosis system in Turkey?

It is known that the water treatment sector will soon become a very important sector in the world. The increasing need for more and better quality water in the industry, limited clean drinking and utility water resources and their inadequacy for the increasing population make water and its purification important.
The amount of precipitation in Turkey varies regionally and seasonally. It is necessary to turn to alternative solutions in these regions where surface water resources such as dams, lakes and streams do not exist or are insufficient. These solutions include transporting water from clean water sources with tankers, bringing water from other regions by laying kilometers of pipelines, or purifying existing water resources with appropriate methods. The most advantageous among these alternatives is to provide drinking and utility water by using existing resources to purify groundwater or seawater if it is an area close to the sea. This makes reverse osmosis applications effective.

Can we get information about the place and market share of your products in the beverage industry?

Waterland produces boutique and professional solutions for every process and every problem. Trying to find solutions to industries that require separate engineering design with standard manufacturing is a wrong approach. That's why Waterland is known as a reliable solution partner in the beverage industry looking for professional and hygienic solutions.

What will you say about the developments in your company in the last 2 years?

In the last 2 years, we have achieved our goal of providing faster and more effective service by strengthening our dealer network in the foreign and domestic markets. Our efforts to increase our dealer network continue. We also started to provide services in our factory in Azerbaijan, which we put into operation last year. We are proud to have completed more than 350 projects in 24 countries so far.

Can we get information about the countries you serve outside Turkey and your new term goals?

Except Türkiye; We continue to provide services in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Japan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Libya, Jordan, Ghana and Ethiopia. We have also created a strong technical service network through our dealers in some of the regions.

What will you say about your marketing strategy and what it brings to you?
Waterland worked with references from its work and did not need to spend intense effort on marketing activities. Domestic dealers have met some of this need. Apart from the 20 fairs we attended abroad, the biggest factor in Waterland becoming a brand is the care we give to electronic marketing through sector-friendly web networks such as Linkedin, Directindustry, The Water Network, and the positive feedback and references we receive from our customers.

Can we get information about your dealership system and its operation? What conditions are required to become a Waterland dealer, what are your criteria?
When choosing its dealers, Waterland pays attention to the fact that they are experienced and experts in the water treatment and wastewater treatment sectors. Our primary expectation from our dealers is to have an existing technical service team and to provide quality and reliable service. After all, they become Waterland representatives in their regions and represent us.

Can we get information about the quality documents you have and your quality policy?
Waterland; With its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, it certifies the importance it attaches to occupational safety, quality and the environment and that it manufactures by fulfilling these standards.

How do you evaluate the future of the beverage industry? What are your future investment projects?
We think that exports will increase by 2018 and the sector will gradually grow. We aim to focus on R&D studies in 2018 and offer more economical and solution-oriented projects in the sector.

Can you evaluate 2017 in sectoral terms? What are your expectations for 2018?
We have predictions that Turkey will have higher turnover and more activity in 2018 than in the last two years.

Thank you very much for the information you provided.

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