Place of Reverse Osmosis Systems in Turkey

It is known that the water treatment sector will soon become a very important sector in the world. The increasing need for more and better quality water in the industry, limited clean drinking and utility water resources and their inadequacy for the increasing population make water and its purification important.

“Today, there are regional drinking and potable water problems in Turkey. “

The amount of precipitation in Turkey varies regionally and seasonally. In these regions where surface water resources such as dams, lakes and streams do not exist or are insufficient, alternative solutions must be sought. These solutions include transporting water from clean water sources with tankers, bringing water from other regions by laying kilometers of pipelines, or purifying existing water resources with appropriate methods. The most advantageous among these alternatives is to provide drinking and utility water by using existing resources to purify ground water or sea water if it is an area close to the sea.

It is not possible to purify these water resources, which have high salinity, with classical methods.

It is not possible to purify these water resources, which have high salinity, with classical methods. More advanced treatment methods need to be applied to purify these waters. These methods are evaporation, ion exchange, reverse electrodialysis and membrane processes. Among these methods, membrane processes are the most preferred. Reverse osmosis systems are the most sensitive membrane filtration method known. Membrane filtration methods retain most of the dissolved organic and inorganic substances as well as solids. Membrane filtration is listed as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis depending on the applied pressure increase.

In our country, membrane processes are mainly used to provide high quality water to the industry.

Among alternative water sources, the reuse of purified water in businesses has become very important in the world in recent years. The reverse osmosis method is widely used especially in the iron and steel industry, coating industry and textile industry. In the fruit juice and tomato paste industry, the reverse osmosis method is applied to obtain more concentrated products.

The use of drinking and potable water became widespread after 2000. Waterland Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies, with its founders' 15 years of experience, continues to provide engineering and manufacturing services since the days when the first examples of membrane processes were given in Turkey.